Cruise Credits vs. And we've absolutely seen or exceeded those levels during Q1 booking period compared to Q1 of 2019. So, we have very efficient fixed rate financing for all of our newbuilds that are on scheduled to delivery through 2028 at an average rate of anywhere from 2% to 2.5 %. Include the following information in the comments field: Completed FCC transfer request information as listed below. PLUS receive a bonus credit to save on hotels, get 24/7 expert Future Cruise Credit & COVID advice & find the best deals - all in one place. Later, we will conduct a question-and-answer session, and instructions for the session will follow at that time. You can redeem any FCC by calling us! The current FCC holder is not the original FCC recipient. This website uses cookies. Only the entire and full original value of Peace of Mind and suspended sailing FCCs worth 100% of the fare paid, as well as the bonus 25% or 50% FCCs, are eligible for transfer. Can I make a new booking before I receive my Future Cruise Credit and will this be applied after I booked. Frank? Onboard credit In terms of the export credit agency financing, yes, so we obtained financing for 1.7 billion euro. NCLH earnings call for the period ending March 31, 2023. Now, there are times when fate meets circumstances, and this happens to be one of those times, as my departure coincides not only with the 20th anniversary of the founding of Oceania Cruises, but also the delivery of the seventh ship in the Oceania fleet, the incomparable Vista, which you can see details about on Slide 6. Unless otherwise noted, my commentary on net per diem, net yield, and adjusted net cruise cost, excluding fuel per capacity day metrics, is on a constant currency basis. Third, we are excited to deliver on our industry-leading growth profile, which we are confident we can profitably absorb, providing a meaningful boost to our future earnings power. Any Bonus FCC can not be used for add ons. So, we are taking deliveries of ships, obviously, now in the second quarter. Purchased onboard credits But if, you know, Mark, if we look at Slide 13, I mean, look, you basically destroyed every guidance target that you laid out back in February for the first quarter. Unfortunately not, however, if the new cruise fare is lower than the Future Cruise Credits value, a new Future Cruise Credit will be issued for the remaining balance. Congrats, Frank and Harry. Additional Compensation for Suspended Voyages. So, we're very happy with that strategy? Any bonus FCC amount is applied only to the voyage fare. Posted 2 hours ago. Norwegian Cruise Line ; Transfer cruise credits Please . Proceed with your question. These guests will now be able to take their time to decide when to take their next cruise. And as I had communicated when we communicated on our last call, we were steadfastly going into a lot of our onboard -- our margin enhancement initiatives. So in terms of 2024, I'll take the second part of your question first. Future Cruise Credits will be credited to you via your Latitudes number within seven working days. Can I use My Future Cruise Credit with any cruise line? Can I use part of my Future Cruise Credit and then get a refund for the remaining amount? We thank you for your continued loyalty to Norwegian Cruise Line. Now, shifting our focus to our outlook for the full year 2023. The best way to ensure a smooth transfer of future credits collected is to fill out the survey provided on the last day of the sailing. I was just wondering if that 500 million was for 2023, or is that for the later deliveries that the 1.2 billion applies to? So, my first question is on the cost side. The results of this initiative are ready to getting to bear fruit as demonstrated by our first quarter adjusted net cruise cost excluding fuel per capacity day, which was not only 14% below the run rate in the second half of 2022, but also outperformed our guidance by $4, as certain savings were realized earlier than anticipated. Is SoFi Stock a Buy Now? As we anticipate high volumes of inquiries, we kindly ask for your patience and allow up to 30 days for the review process to be completed. For additional information, please visit How can I see my Future Cruise Credit balance. Vince Ciepiel -- Cleveland Research Company -- Analyst. Any ancillary items sold by Norwegian Cruise Line will be refunded to the cardholder who made the original purchase (refunded to the original form of payment) and will not be included in the Future Cruise Credit. For example, if several ports on an itinerary are skipped, a full or partial credit might be given. And then, my other question is just on the 1.7 billion in additional ECA financing. I just want to comment that when Frank goes on cruises in retirement, he doesn't pay, so he won't be contributing to that world cruise number you saw earlier. California Seller of Travel CST#2066521-50; Washington UBI #602 443 155 001 0001; Hawaii Travel Agent TAR #5192; Florida Seller of Travel #29452. And, Harry, welcome to the hot seat, as they say. 2023 Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. 11-Reasons to Cruise to Alaska this Summer | NCL Travel Blog, 14-Day Authentic Alaska - Northbound Cruisetour | Norwegian Cruise Line, 14-Day Authentic Alaska - Southbound Cruisetour | Deck Plans | Norwegian Cruise Line, 20-Day Transpacific from Tokyo (Yokohama) & Alaska | Norwegian Cruise Line, 11 Reasons to Cruise to Alaska this Summer | NCL Travel Blog. Future Cruise Credits often have expiration dates, and they may also have specific guidelines for how they can be used. So although guests can use the FCC until the end of the year 2022, they must also sail by the end of 2022. This is driven by our organic pricing power and in part by a favorable comp, as the second half of 2019 included various headwinds, like the rapid exit from Cuba and the close in resale of those sailings. As a long-standing cruise industry and company veteran, he brings both continuity and a fresh perspective to this seat. Norwegian Cruise Line ( NCLH 9.40%) Q1 2023 Earnings Call. How long will the Peace of Mind policy be in effect? Our brands continue to resonate with consumers as demonstrated by our book position and pricing for the remainder of '23. If the amount of your credit exceeds the cost of the new cruise, then the balance will be reissued as a new FCC voucher (but likely the same expiration date). Only new government or agency mandates would be considered. The Future Cruise Credit goes to the individual guest on the reservation. which gives us confidence that we can achieve this sequential improvement in year over-year-growth. Have you qualified for a future cruise credit but aren't sure how to use it? To offer our guests even more flexibility for future vacation planning, some who hold outstanding previously issued Future Cruise Credits (FCC) may now submit a request to convert their FCC to a monetary refund. Yes. I'm joined today by Frank del Rio, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings; Harry Sommer, president and CEO-elect of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings; and Mark Kempa, executive vice president and chief financial officer. Millions of travelers rely on Cruise Hive in the United States, Europe, Australia, and around the world. First, we continue to see healthy and resilient demand from our target markets who remain willing and eager to spend on cruise vacation travel. Get expert advice, insider tips and more. If you don't know your Log In name or password, call the number above and we'll help you with your credentials. Today marks a significant milestone for me, as it is my 34th and final earnings call as president and CEO of this incredible company before my upcoming retirement, which was announced just over a month ago. Only the entire and full original value of Peace of Mind and suspended sailing FCCs worth 100% of the fare paid, as well as the bonus 25% or 50% FCCs, are eligible for transfer. Why Is SoFi Stock Down After Earnings? Exclusions may apply, but are not limited to, one of the following: An FCC has been fully or partially transferred. Once the transfer is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to the email provided at time of case submission. Great. Since the start, it's been our aim to provide the latest cruise news covering all the major cruise lines. 1. Princess Cruise Line's Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is credit that you can use for your next Princess cruise. Reservations cancelled outside of final payment received a full refund back to the method of payment used to book. I have to thank our partners at Fincantieri once again for bringing our vision to life and delivering a truly magnificent ship. Become a Motley Fool member today to get instant access to our top analyst recommendations, in-depth research, investing resources, and more. Well, ladies and gentlemen, once again, I want to thank everyone on this call, whether you're a travel partner, a vendor, a lender, or an analyst, you've supported us. But as Mark just discussed, we believe, over time, this actually is going to be EBITDA and margin-accretive. And congratulations to Frank and Harry, to both of you, with the changes. And I can say that we are heartily within that range pretty much exactly where we want to be. Yeah, Brandt, good morning. I hope you take up some golf now. Can a guest make a new booking before they receive the FCC for their cancelled booking? NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE Norwegian Cruise Line has a unique CruiseFirst program that allows anyone to put down an open deposit for a future cruise right from the website, even if you haven't ever cruised with the line. The sail-by date had always been December 31, 2022, so it is only the effective date when guests must apply their credit that has been extended. And did I get that correct? Good morning, and welcome to the Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings first quarter 2023 earnings conference call. And we had to sell those voyages close in for, you know, very efficient pricing. That being said, we were very pleasantly surprised with flows in demand for Caribbean in Q1. So, I'm going to kind of ask Dan's question maybe a little bit differently. That's $1,500 in extra value -- a 37.5% return on the original payment of $4,000 -- just for letting the cruise company hold onto the original payment for another year or two. The voucher can be used per person, with or. But, overall, we believe that our air strategy is the right thing to do, given our strategic itinerary deployment. So, now I'll turn the call over to Harry, who will be tasked with delivering on the significant potential upside we see ahead, to provide an update on the current environment and the key catalyst we have in the horizon. But I guess what I'm just getting at here is, you know, if your customer base stays pretty much status quo from here, you know, it would seem to us that it would be tough not to get to the high end of your full year guidance and maybe even exceed the top end of your guidance. And the differential simply is that, as I said in my prepared remarks, we've now included certain things, financing for owner supply, and other related items that are required as part of the ship delivery. Again, we had to rapidly exit Cuba in, I believe, June or July of 2019. The guests -- the passenger load occupancy is a function of what we talked before, having less third and fourth guests on board. Norwegian Cruise Line has extended its Future Cruise Credit (FCCs) booked by date until the end of the year. An email from the current FCC owner requesting the transfer to be made must be included when submitting the transfer request via Insurance FCCs and 10% bonus FCCs are not transferrable Once the transfer takes place, the receiving guest is now the owner and the previous owner cannot request a transfer back. Your Future Cruise Credit will, most likely, only be redeemable towards a new cruise fare and is issued in lieu of a refund, however, some Cruise Lines have given customers the option to receive an onboard spend credit in lieu of a refund. This consists of approximately 700 million of cash and cash equivalents, nearly 600 million of availability under our revolver, and our 650 million undrawn commitment. Am I guaranteed the same category on the new booking? Our Peace of Mind policy applied to all sailings through and including May 31, 2022, guests were free to cancel up to and including January 31, 2022. In addition, comparisons to 2019 includes certain premium price Baltic and Cuba voyages in that year, which we did not operate in 2023. Cruise tours purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line Harry, Mark, and Jessica, and the team will be available to answer any questions you may have once this call is over. Amenities CruiseNext deposits applied to a suspended reservation will be returned to the guests profile. let one of our experts help you with this procedure to ensure the right amount is transferred. Our NPD and yields continue to be strong, continue to be in line with our expectations. Dining or beverage packages (those not part of the Free at Sea (FAS) promotion) As we execute on this plan, we expect to see a dual benefit of not only emission reductions, but also cost savings from reduced fuel consumption. It's easy to confuse future cruise credit with a future cruise program; the latter is a benefit, like onboard credit, offered for booking another cruise while you're onboard a current cruise. Future Cruise Credit can be applied towards any Norwegian Cruise Line voyage from October 1, 2020 through December 31, 2022. Effective May 18, 2020, FCCs from either our 2020 Suspended Sailings or Peace of Mind FCC are transferable. Image source: The Motley Fool. We make sure cruisers are fully prepared for their cruise vacation with tips on ships and ports. So, just any more detail there between maybe the gross in the net. This is applicable to Peace of Mind and suspended sailings FCCs, including 25% and 50% credit FCCs issued for suspended sailings. In either case, you can register your Future Cruise Credit online on our My Future Cruise Credit website, then browse all the sailing available and call an expert for the best personal planning and booking consultation. Is my Future Cruise Credit transferable and can I gift My Future Cruise Credit? This allowed cruise lines to retain cash -- at 25% interest -- at a time when ships weren't bringing in revenue. I'm very proud of what we have been able to collectively achieve, especially over the past few extremely challenging years, but I know that the best days for this company still lie ahead, and I look forward to seeing what you all accomplish together.

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