The Checklist has 12 considering, with 15 maintaining, one drop- ping and 13 builders. For the Hampton Bays, New York radio station at 107.1 FM, see. Location: New England. In later years, the station played dance mixes and evolved into a modern / alternative rock station. I've done some research on that station's early-1980s playlists via Billboard's "Singles Radio Action" section; so I can vouch for the above statement. WHAM - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. In 1992, WDRE started simulcasting its programming with what was 103.9 WIBF-FM Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, which later became WDRE Jenkintown/Philadelphia. New York's Original Alternative Station. Martin Luther King* - Happy Birthday / I Have A Dream, Crazy Joe* & The Variable Speed Band - Eugene, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah), Pearl Harbour - Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? Just be ready to step back, musically speaking, into the early and mid 1980s. WLIR Screamers 1984-1985 By DigSin. 366 songs. The Cure - Just Like Heaven 10. SCOTUS Now Just Another Congressional Committee, The Life and Times of the Parental Advisory Label, David Byrne Wants You to Cheer the Hell Up, Let's Talk About the U2/Kendrick Lamar Collaboration, Trump Ramps up Attacks on DeSantis: 'Dropping Like a Rock', Russian Strikes on Pavlohrad Aim to Hamper Ukraine's Counteroffensive, Greg Abbott Criticized for Response to Texas Shooting: 'A New Low', Democrat Sold First Republic Stock, Bought JP Morgan Before Collapse, Conservative Influencers Struggle With Countering Biden's Messaging. FoxHound_ Biggest hits in New Zealand . He joined then-new rock station WXRK-FM 92.3 K-Rock in 1985 and hosted a freeform program there through the end of 1995. As I work on my next podcast, I'm listening to what must be the most nostalgic playlist ever. The Alarm. The Sugarcubes - Birthday 8. We were unrelenting with it. ", Related: Every U2 Album Ranked, From Boy to Songs of Experience. If I Was / Piano, a Single by Midge Ure. The station originally broadcast from studios at the GardenCityHotel in GardenCity,NewYork, then 175 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead,NewYork, 1600 Stewart Avenue, Westbury,NewYork, and finally, 1103 Stewart Avenue, EastGardenCity,NewYork, with its transmitter located at the NorthShoreTowers in FloralPark,NewYork. Select 780p for best sound. As I work on my next podcast, I'm listening to what must be the most nostalgic playlist ever. Jonny Destry & Destiny - Girls, Rock 'N Roll & Cars, Jona Lewie - You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties. Perhaps, this is a temporary station problem. Your email address will not be published. Great shot of the Depeche Mode show at the Meadowlands in 1990 with Denis McNamara, Malibu Sue,Maxx, Donna Donna, Danny Toy, Laurie Gayle, and Larry the Duck. R.E.M. Alternative Rock. BRIEF CAREER SYNOPSIS: I started my career at WLIR/Garden City NY in 1978 and became a key player and air personality in helping to develop the station that "Dared To Be Different." [9] The permanent license did not include the call letters, so the new licensee operated with the call letters WDRE, while Phoenix Media brought the WLIR call letters to an AMradiostationinRocklandCounty,NewYork. WLIR / DARE.FM is New York's Original Alternative Station! Authorization is only required to store your personal settings. In 2016, WLIR.FM began simulcasting on WPTY-HD3. End of an EraWith alternating call letters, from WLIR (Long Island Rocks) to WDRE (Dare) and an eventual move up the dial to a new frequency, the station's luster gradually faded, culminating in the sale of its frequency rights for $60 million to Spanish language Univision in October 2003.Table of Contents (Based on Show 100 per Page)Page #1: Late Autumn 1980 Late Summer 1982Page #2: Late Summer 1982 Mid-Summer 1984Page #3: Mid-Summer 1984 Early-Summer 1986Page #4: Early-Summer 1986 Mid-Summer 1988Page #5: Mid-Summer 1988 Early-Summer 1990Page #6: Early-Summer 1990 Mid-Summer 1992Page #7: Mid-Summer 1992Late-Summer 1994Page #8: Late-Summer 1992 Last Week of 1994, A-Side: Don't You (Forget About Me)WLIR Screamer of the Week - Tied For 1st Place:4th Week January-1985, A-Side: ShoutWLIR Screamer of the Week:1st Week February-1985, A-Side: Things Can Only Get BetterWLIR Screamer of the Week:2nd Week February-1985, A-Side: Love & PrideWLIR Screamer of the Week:3rd Week February-1985, A-Side: BoyWLIR Screamer of the Week:4th Week February-1985, A-Side: Everybody Wants To Rule The WorldWLIR Screamer of the Week:1st Week March-1985, A-Side: Every Time You Go AwayWLIR Screamer of the Week:2nd Week March-1985, A-Side: Life In One Day WLIR Screamer of the Week:3rd Week March-1985, A-Side: Wide BoyWLIR Screamer of the Week:4th Week March-1985, A-Side: Wont You Hold My Hand NowWLIR Screamer of the Week:1st Week April-1985, A-Side: Head Over HeelsWLIR Screamer of the Week:2nd Week April-1985, A-Side: Be Near MeWLIR Screamer of the Week:3rd Week April-1985, EP B-Side: Three SunrisesWLIR Screamer of the Week:4th Week April-1985, A-Side: A View To A KillWLIR Screamer of the Week:1st Week May-1985, A-Side: Shake The DiseaseWLIR Screamer of the Week:2nd Week May-1985, A-Side: Burning FlameWLIR Screamer of the Week:3rd Week May-1985, A-Side: Bad (Live)1985 Shreek of the YearWLIR Shreek of the Week:4th Week May-1985, A-Side: Rock Me AmadeusWLIR Screamer of the Week:5th Week May-1985, A-Side: NemesisWLIR Screamer of the Week:1st Week June-1985, A-Side: Last Time ForeverWLIR Screamer of the Week:2nd Week June-1985, Track Title: Love VigilantesWLIR Screamer of the Week:3rd Week June-1985, A-Side: In Too DeepWLIR Screamer of the Week:4th Week June-1985, A-Side: Stay Up LateWLIR Screamer of the Week:1st Week July-1985, Track Title: Summer LoveWLIR Screamer of the Week:2nd Week July-1985, A-Side: Vive Le RockWLIR Screamer of the Week:3rd Week July-1985. Genres: Pop. Our playlist stores a DARE-FM track list for the past 7 days. NewOrder, DepecheMode, Ultravox, Yazoo and Blancmange were early staples of the new music format. This truly marked the end of WLIR's unique over-the-air "new music" format after almost three decades. At least if you were a young adult in the NYC area during the 1980s. "There [would be] club dates for The Clash. Share on Facebook. The legal battle escalated when the station became more valuable, with new entities (not involved in the original 1972 battle) getting involved after 1982, culminating with the FCC revoking Phoenix Medias 15-year "temporary" license in 1987. It now only has the list of "Screamers and Shrieks" of the weekthese were songs voted on by listeners as the best new song of the week. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Breakdown (Live) Features. The new WLIR adopted an active/modern rock format and new image as "The Box". . SCORPIONS - Rock You Like a Hurricane. New Order - True Faith 5. The Power of Love. WLIR 92.7 FM Vintage Recordings. JohnBckWLD Post not marked as liked 4. (FYI: The initial studio location was in the basement of the Garden City Hotel!) Music, radio and podcasts, all free. WLIR, 92.7-FM, was such an important radio station with a huge impact on the United States, far beyond the range of its signal. In November 2020, WLIR.FM changed its name to (Dare FM), and continues to broadcast the same alternative music and WLIR personalities that it has done for the last 15 years. Doubling Misconceptions, A Daily News music columnist, Pablo Guzman . In between our banter about WLIR, Larry's personal experiences with the artists, and his time in the clubs, we look to Los Angeles and the 1985 year-end chart from KROQ. [citationneeded], 107.1 WLIR-FM, which hadn't broadcast alternative music since 2008, was sold to RedAppleMediaInc., and began simulcasting most of WABC's programming. "I first discovered WLIR in 1985 when my college roommate and I travelled from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to visit his parents in Rocky Point," Showtime executive Kent Sevener told Newsweek. What was excluded was all that hard rock that became the basis for classic rock today. WLIR was founded in 1959 by John R. Rieger. ", Sevener describes Dare to Be Different as "a classic American underdog story: A small group of risk-takers with great taste unexpectedly changes the lives of countless musical artists and fans forever.". WLIR on FM radio. U2 - With or Without You 4. DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES - Out of Touch. According to the station's owners, this was an attempt to take on satellite radio and MP3 players, which had been cutting into listeners of traditional radio. [2][3], In spring 1970, announcers RichardNeer and Mike Harrison convinced Rieger to change to a progressiverock radioformat, with Harrison as program director. [citationneeded], WLIR.FM began streaming online in 2005. WLIW21 is home to British television favorites and produces acclaimed programs such as MetroFocus, WLIW Arts Beat, and the Emmy Award-winning series Treasures of New York. But there remains a significant nostalgia market for '80s acts todayincluding Flock of Seagulls. [9] As a result of this revocation, Jarad Broadcasting wrested control of the broadcast license for frequency 92.7, taking ownership on December 18, 1987. Or U2. The station originally broadcast from studios at the Garden City Hotel in Garden City, New York, then 175 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, New York, 1600 Stewart Avenue, Westbury, New York, and finally, 1103 Stewart Avenue, East Garden City, New York, with its transmitter located at the North Shore Towers in Floral Park, New York. To install click the Add extension button. In 1997, Jeff Levine was named program director,[15] Gary Cee assistant program director, and night jock Lynda Lopez became music director. This list includes all singles within the Discogs database that were announced as winner each Friday. The Summer of 1985. The synthpop-based music on which much of the station's playlist was based was now out of fashion. WLIR 92.7 Remembered. 1 Singles. There are some Screamers missing from the playlist but only a few. The personalities of the disc jockeys became much more upbeat. Scelsa emerged from the early years of WFMU (91.1), spent some time at WLIR (92.7) and WBAI (99.5) and then became music director of WABC-FM (95.5) just in time for its 1971 transition to WPLJ. WLIR was a radio station that played a new music/modern rock format on the frequencies 92.7 FM, 98.5 FM, and 107.1 FM from the 1980s into the 2000s. [19] As 107.1 FM is located about 50 miles east of the original WLIR in Garden City, many of the station's fans in New York City, southwestern Connecticut, southern Westchester County, New York, northeastern New Jersey and even the western parts of Long Island itself could not easily receive the station. First heard it on WLIR 92.7 back in the day. Many of these areas were closer geographically to other stations occupying 107.1 FM (WXPK in central WestchesterCounty and WWZY in Long Branch, New Jersey), which hindered reception. [20][21] In an effort to keep WLIR and its alternative music alive, longtime employee and historian Bob Wilson developed the website WLIR.FM and began an internet broadcast of music called "Next Wave". They helped us be relevant, at the time. This page is our attempt to document the touring history (and as many setlists as possible!) The Cure, "The Love Cats" 8. 4 likes. "[8], WLIRs success had grown the profits of its operators, 1959 founder John R. Rieger and his partner Elton Spitzer's Phoenix Media Corp., with an increasing share of the New York market, major concert promotions and popular dance club promotions. The selling price for WLIR-FM and WBZB was $1.75 million for each station,[23] and the total price for all three stations would have been $5 million, but the sale was never completed, and WBZB returned to the WBON call letters.[24]. At least if you were a young adult in the NYC area during the 1980s. ContentsScreamers of the week (also referred to screeches at different points in the station's history) were tracks nominated by each member of the air staff and chosen by listeners by call-in vote. It's up to #38 with ups from WLUP, WRCN, WTPA and WRUF, with none down, and 4-5 emphasis action includes WLUP, WLAV, WLIR, WRCN, KDKB, WQBK, WOKF, WRXL and several more. salatin annabi don biyan bukata, short trips from philadelphia, striata plant examples,

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