You should consider Faulkner Univsersity for one of these top 10. You can also schedule a visit by calling our office at 800.237.7942 and asking to arrange a campus visit. Its obviously not an awesome college to go to if you dont want rules, but its not NEARLY as strict as 90 percent of the christian colleges out there. But some schools, most especially those affiliated with the evangelical Christian movement in the United States, raise a number of extremely difficult questions with their adherence to a highly restrictive code of values. With support from a network of mentors that have your back from day one, you'll gain the tools and connections to . The veritably Orwellian Florida Christian College combs through its students media collections, banning any books, movies, music, magazines, or video games it deems detrimental to Christianity. As a former student from 2010-2012, I can attest that convocation wasnt required, students could hang out in mixed groups on and off campus, and public signs of affection are commonplace, and Im not talking about hand-holding. I went to the definitely not religious university of Iowa State University years ago. If students go from a strict household (as I suppose most of these students do) to a strict school, they will have no chance to learn true self-control. They are definitely much more lax now the girls are fine wearing pants (modesty is suggested). The student body is diverse, with students representing 44 states and 13 countries. Residence hall facilities are not open during winter break (the break between fall and spring semesters). The former may not wear makeup, because breaking archaic gender tropes will rip the very foundations of society asunder. Yes, and yes. If you want to have a Christian school, make it conform to Biblical principles as much as possible. To be considered for admission to Berry College, prospective students must submit a completed application, official high school transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, and a personal essay. The college is also known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and offers programs in environmental science and sustainability. Please note that whomever makes the request for a room change is the person who will physically move spaces. For these schools, leeching beyond the academic and school-related extracurricular functions and into the private lives of their students remains a high priority, with handbooks dictating very clearly how all of them must behave regardless of whether or not they live or play on campus. So next time you choose to attack our schools (speaking more to some of the comments than the actual article), check your sources. Berry College is a residential college and students are expected to live on-campus all four years unless they meet one of the criteria listed below. I will be praying for you and I pray that God works in your life and makes you realize that saying nasty words about something is not going to take away the scars of what someone did to you, or the anger that results from it. Any and all work must not interfere with weekday prayer sessions, either. By Cary Hardy May 31, 2022. Our dress code is not suit and tie, however, it is probably what you'd call "business casual". Like that other poster, we werent able to read the handbook until the day we arrived. In 2020, the undergraduate acceptance rate of Berry College was 77.2% (3,217 admissions from 4,166 applications). Berry College is known for its strong academic programs, vibrant campus life, and commitment to community service and sustainability. This is taken from the oru web site . They work with you as a parent but expect your child to take ownership of their actions. For a list of devices and assistance connecting, please visit Its your belief. Allowing dancing at any school-related function on or off campus is strictly prohibited, though students are allowed to bust a few chaste, pre-approved moves at weddings, military balls, graduation exercises, church, and family occasions provided they refrain from attending clubs, bars, or parties that allegedly lead to temptation no matter what. Bob Jones University requires all students to attend regular church, Sunday school, society, Bible conferences, artist series programs, and vespers services on campus, though not necessarily in a single week. No, residence hall rooms are not available to be seen before move-in in August. Probably just pray around the clock and go to church (:::sarcasm face::: so fun!!! Geez. (IF you live somewhere else then you should not know what most of these colleges are anyways because they are in the U.S) This country has set its standards and limitations and guess what the four founding fathers said my dear friends, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.. The college receives a large number of applications each year, and prospective students are encouraged to apply early and to submit a strong application that showcases their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal qualities. I accumulated more than 100 demerits during my first year and because of this, they did not allow to me to return the following year. Known for its beautiful campus, strong academic programs, and vibrant student life, Berry College has become a popular choice for prospective students looking to pursue a traditional liberal arts education. It might be time for a look at the past before blaming a school for your wifes lack of faith Just saying. Even if you are a staunch conservative fundamentalist christian, I would not recommend attending Pensacola Christian College. One of my professors at UK went to my church (Southern Hills in Lexington), another of my UK professors dedicated his life to improve conditions for the poor in South America. Is there something wrong here? Where did you get your information? In America, people can express their opinions and say what they want. Some are grounds for immediate expulsion, while others build up over time before a student can be dismissed. I had to quit dressing slovenly and learned to dress well. While a few colleges have strict requirements for students' attire, many are much more lenient. Your Resident Assistant will provide next steps in the process. I wonder how they deal with Darwins theory? I see nothing wrong with any of those guidelines. Im very sorry that Pensacola was such a horrible experience for you but keep it to yourself. Beards are completely banned without explicit permission from the school, and neither gender may color their hair or wear any form-fitting apparel. The purposes of the campus conduct system are: To uphold Berry standards of conduct. There are two RAs per freshman hall. Actuallythe standards for Brigham Young University are slightly off. Berry College is known for its beautiful campus, which features over 27,000 acres of forests, fields, and lakes. DO you know what these strict colleges are invoking by making these kinds of religious standards? and everyone is a sinner, but it is much better to have standards (standing for something morally The college also has a small graduate program that offers degrees in education and business. The best approach is to research the college yourself and make your decsision. Everyone should look at the evidence presented and formulate their own personal opinion of the matter. They are christain schools and everybody there must not only act like one but be one. Stephen, I think the writers point about The Passion of the Christ is that we werent supposed to watch any R-rated movies, yet we were heavily encouraged to watch The Passion of the Christ. Polo Shirt with Collar Polo Shirt Uniform . How could she possibly have had the time to worry about not being able to see a R rated movie or go clubbing. No one is stopping you. After these groups leave, our housekeeping staff needs time to prepare the halls for your arrival. Institutions promoting morality in an immoral society. Except he isnt the one setting it; its man claiming to speak for him. The students' appearance can influence behavior and affect the learning environment. "As long as it is not pajamas it is fine," emphasizes Tran. the Viking Code, or the Resources Page on the housing portal as many questions can be . Jesus drank wine. Berry's school community has set high standards for appropriate school attire and personal cleanliness. Berry's mission is to prepare the whole student for all of life. If the truth is found in the Bible, abide in it, and depart not from it. Go figure. I went to Asbury and had no issues. Thats how many of those regulations mentioned in the synopsis I broke while attending the sixth college on this list. Extremely vulgar!!! This, unfortunately is a perk of many religious institutions. The articles goal is to make you think some of these colleges are creating robots and the students walk around with bibles in one arm and a notebook in the other. We have an unofficial dress code, which is just as official as an official one because you WILL get "talked to" and shunned if you don't uphold it. He made us to love each other and him. God tried to strike me with lightning for being there but he jk The rigor is tough and the women are drop dead gorgeousbut bottom line, they are human and live life very similar to everyone else, they just do it in a bit of a different way. They claimed to preach the message of God, but in his hour of need, while he struggled with substance abuse and depression, they kicked him out of the school. When I transferred from Asbury to the University of Kentucky, I found professors at UK to be nicer, more involved in my learning, more supportive, more Christian, and more ethical than my Asbury experience. Go to one with all the vices and perversions. Submitted by parent on February 22, 2018. But people can dance randomly if they want at any time of course as long as youre not grinding your boyfriend or getting down low, youre good. All serious and dastardly crimes against the institution. You can download the Xfinity Stream app to watch your TV shows and movies on the go. You can record and download up to 20 hours of your content to watch offline.. Fall Semester, one week before the beginning of classes. Does Berry College have a dress code? If they have agreed to attend the college, then they have agreed to live by the rules laid out by the college for the duration of their time there. People who attend strict colleges probably do so because they prefer a stricter environment. Certainly they are more strict and arbitrary in their rules than some of the schools here. Were MADE in Gods image, and so the things we feel and do were felt by God first! YAAAY ORU and all the others. Yes, Berry College offers a range of scholarships to students based on a variety of factors, including academic achievement, leadership potential, and financial need. What about people like me with throat issues? Look at the corrupt Catholic Church, and look at how many pastors are child molesters. It is not unreasonable for them to expect the students attending a Christian college to live up to the standards lai out for them. We look forward to making arrangements for you to visit campus! The college receives a large number of applications each year, and prospective students are encouraged to apply early and to submit a strong application that showcases their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal qualities. While this article certainly peers into their doings from the perspective of an outsider, it admits that the real answers remain entirely subjective and highly nebulous. Students at these schools are missing out. There are a few on this list that are over the top in their rules, like Bob Jones and Pensacola. This housing contract is binding for the entire academic year and may not be terminated by the student. and the campus is primarily pro-life, yes. degree, but never got it. Good people get something out of what these schools are trying to do. How about youth? Thankfully, Christian colleges provide a better environment than secular campuses. Giving into that division will never bring peace. As one of the underground liberal minority at the college, I disagreed with almost all the guidelines. Alcohol is held up as equally detrimental as illegal substances regardless of whether or not a student partakes responsibly and remains at or above the drinking age and the University does not discriminate on whether or not consumption or possession takes place on- or off-campus, either. So go ahead and get offended on the internet because someone you dont even know wrote down the rules of strict colleges and made snarky comments about them. I dont think that students are better off if they attend these schools. They help stem the tide of STDs, date rape, the dangers of substance abuse, etc., I attended Pensacola Christian College in the early 1980s. Theres a long thread on the forums at about Pensacola Christian College by a former student who thinks its a cult, and its not accredited. Openly homosexual students are allowed to attend classes, but they must commit themselves to the same standards of staunch chastity as their heterosexual peers. -Pornography duh. Dictatorial societies (from countries to colleges) always invoke claims of protecting people from themselves or the protecting the society, but are always first and foremost about preserving the power structure of an elite and repressing any who might challenge the dogma they use to maintain that control. -Tobacco, its a smoke free campus, just like NKU is now. Maybe that person had an dumb immature friend. Regardless of popular opinion, political correctness, or the ideas of major theologians, truth is always truth. As for dancing it is entirely allowed. you people that are hatin on the Christian colleges are so corrupted by the devil that you think goin out drinkin, havin a good time, aborting babies, sex outside of marriage, and the overall stupidity that youre involved in is what really makes you happy. Most of the punishment is reserved for any involving impropriety, however. Be offended but remember that nobody cares youre offended. Hmmmm. they are legal. You have the right to choose that type. Giving dress will stop us being different, unique, and creative individuals. We encourage you to check out ourLinen Partnerfor bedding and bathroom linen needs. Ive never had an STD, nor have I had an abortion.. in fact Ive offered to adopt 3 children at my own expense to give other women an additional option. We all wore makeup, etc. IT IS WRONG. When so-called Christians give up murder & pork; & they begin smoting doves, I might start believing them. If Jesus were alive, why wouldnt he want people to volunteer in nursing homes? Raffles are not even allowed as fundraiser due to their association with gambling, which is also banned. Laundry is included in student fees and do not require any quarters for operation. The official move-in date for freshmen is the Wednesday before classes begin in August. Fish are the only pets allowed. God created the creativity within human beings. As part of this I had to see the Dean of Men and he told me of a couple who rubbed against each other until bad things happened apparently he was expecting me to admit the same (4) One time in a private setting in a social area for couples to spend time she sat on my lap we were told by a person representing the college this was inappropriate behavior; (5) chapel attendance was required and attendance taken and I believe 2 misses meant disciplinary action (6) guys and girls were not allowed to swim together although I believe this has changed (7) Very little help was provided if you needed help in academics, although one of the college missions is to provide help to those in KY who had inferior high school experiences (6) It was extremely rule oriented it was about following the rules and not about development and transformation as a responsible ethical who loved God and Christ. Okay, I am here just to argue about one thing. Im not talking about breaking these rules, Im talking about snobishly being on the look for anyone that might be breaking these rules and falesly accusing them. You arent allowed to have your own opinions about anything and creativity and individuality is totally stifled. Additional requirements include letters of recommendation, an interview, and a resume or list of extracurricular activities. Ten. Between 2019 and 2020, the number of applicants declined by 3.74%, while admissions grew by 5.3%. New students will be notified of their room assignment and given contact information for their roommate(s) in late June, after the summer SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration) Sessions. Therefore this discussion is very wearying. And its true men may not wear makeup. However, international students are not eligible for federal financial aid programs, and are therefore limited to the financial aid options offered by the college itself. If you choose to bring a TV, it must be capable of wireless or wired network connectivity and compatible with Roku or Chromecast. I obtain an Associate degree of Theology, and have done subjects to obtain my bachelor Possessing legal pornography, light to moderate drinking (even non-alcoholic versions of beer or cocktails), gambling, premarital or extramarital sex (regardless of whether or not the latter take place within an open relationship), dressing immodestly, supporting or practicing religious beliefs in line with the occult (with the lines of what constitutes such practices never explicitly stated), using profanity, tobacco, engaging in or supporting homosexuality, and having or supporting abortions are also very much in violation of the schools strict moral guidelines. God bless. Students Awarded $20,000 for Entrepreneurial Prototypes, David James Poissant Creative Prose Reading Series. These places really need to get it together, damn. LU is now one of the largest christian colleges in teh US, if not the largest. It is about people that hate Christ, love the worldliness and debauchary of this world and are only concerned about their rights to do sin. Since Asbury, I dont believe that she has read one new such book. Does Berry College have a dress code? Tap Sign in here for Xfinity On Campus Students. In colleges without a dress code, most students wear casual clothing to their classes. The student body is also expected to maintain a standard of modesty at all times while on campus. Church attendance is required once a week, but it is not monitored. Tara, Im sorry to hear you had such a negative experience at Asbury. Youre a different kind of stupid. Just log in at to start watching live TV, sports and thousands of shows and movies. And we can definitely dance. The only strict rule they have is drinking and they wont kick you out if they find out you drank. Living on campus can be a great way to get involved in campus life, make new friends, and take advantage of the many opportunities available to students. I am glad that the author is not in charge of a Christian college because Any movies to be shown on campus must receive approval from Asbury College faculty and staff if it involves a rating of PG or PG-13, with all Rs and NC-17s banned except in extreme circumstances (Passion of the Christ, by the way, was considered violent and intense enough to warrant an R by the MPAA). If a student applies and is admitted to one of the educational institutions it is safe to assume that theyve read and have agreed to the guidelines. All men and women are expected to dress modestly, stay well-groomed, and avoid tattoos and body piercings. He transferred to public school where he had no friends and even less support and encouragement from faculty/students, and two months later he shot himself. Students choose to attend and have full access to handbooks before making that decision. The colleges commitment to environmental sustainability, strong academics, and close-knit community make it an excellent choice for students who value a traditional liberal arts education. Putting holes in the wall is not allowed and could result in damage charges. There are many things that are legal that are morally wrong, and Some of the dating offenses include displays of affection beyond hand-holding both on- and off-campus, seeing one another in swimming or sunbathing attire, not exiting a car at the same time immediately upon turning off the engine, being caught alone together while at school, and going on single dates while a freshman. They make you go to bed by 11pm every night, even on weekends, no matter what homework projects you may may be working on, no matter what, no exceptions, unless you want demerits. So do they follow the rules or not? Women have to wear a dress or skirt and hose most of the time. No one is forcing anyone to attend those colleges/universities. I bet theyre a lively and entertaining bunch). Its interesting how no one stops to consider how small their God & free will must be in order to need such standards. You were assaulted and hurt by what that person did to you, and, rightfully, you should be, but I doubt someone like that could be a true Christian, and if they were, they were not in Gods will. In the 118th Congress, 94% of House members and all but one senator have a bachelor's degree or more education. Whats your motive? I am currently attending Liberty, and the rules are so laid back at least half the student body goes out late night and weekends gets messed up, and gets it with someone, theres plenty of ways around the rules, school is pretty fake. No one is being coerced into paying thousands of dollars to go if they dont want to. 3,217. My marriage has lasted almost 11 years so far, I have no illegitimate children and I have never been an embarrassment to my husband. Part-timers or those with special circumstances must do so on days when their classes do not begin until after noon. If you give your kids a firm understanding of probability, they wont even *want* to gamble. General Degree Requirements. If your radar is accurate, it will not take you long to bag a highly-repressed freak. and I would rather put up with some questionably strict rules if that meant that Academically, it was quite decent, and some professors were very open-minded. I am not a follower of Christianity nor do I have a problem with that, but these establishments are making the entire religion look crazed and judgmental Just sayin. I was a student of your college from 1990 to 1997. Students caught engaging in premarital, extramarital, and homosexual behavior face the risk of being expelled completely from Dallas Christian College as well. So in light of that, just free-will yourself to a very secular college. Got it. -Supporting or practicing religious beliefs in line with occult (This is not entirely true. No more needs to be said. Attempting to undermine everything I believe in? As with many Christian colleges and universities, Liberty extends its behavioral guidelines to students who live off campus as well as on. College is not supposed to be your babysitter, it is a learning experience meant to prepare you for the way the world is. Thursday nights require a 10:00 PM return time because of devotionals. Some of the colleges most popular majors include biology, psychology, business, and communication. The school even governs how students are to go about their off-campus employment as well. [emailprotected]. You might want to take a closer look at everything that was going on at the time. But let me clear up a few things as I attend college there myself. However, dress generally is casual but decent. I was on full scholarship (or would have never atteneded the school),and I was aware of all these policies and followed them. They make you attend a formal dinner every night and make you dress up for dinner too. We have not yet, as a faculty, given into the cesspool of anything goes yet. Woah this blog is great i really like reading your posts. Transfer students can move in beginning on the Friday before classes begin. Look at history. No video games may possess an M rating, nor are students allowed to own movies above the PG-13 rating. Your moral compass seems to be spinning. If you make it conform to Biblical principles, it will be considered politically incorrect, and will be shut down as soon as possible. The admission office refused to release the student handbook until one signed on the dotted line, feet on campus for semester orientation and parents away from campus. Berry College does require applicants to submit standardized test scores, including the SAT or ACT. You understand, a lot of people are hunting round for this information, you could help them greatly. I wish that I could say that Asbury was an inspiration for my ethics and for the transformation in lifes journey but I have to say that came from my church experience, my family, UK, and other experience. As for the dress code, it sounds old fashioned and sexist. However was shocked at the unchristian like behavior these christains held. People have parties all the time. This Florida institution takes its honor court very, very seriously going so far as to issue demerits for a number of completely legal offenses. It obstructs basic human right- the freedom of expression as guaranteed in our constitution. My experience is that Asbury failed to portray the Christian faith in a serious way because She became more interested in the rules than the outcomes (Paul made a big deal of this in the bible). (We had not had sex for those who was wondering) I was on the phone with him in my dorm room and my RA overheard our conversation. Oddly left out are West Point Academy, Air Force Academy and other military schools. I went to a Catholic University in Los Angeles and they do not have rules like that sothere. To be safe, no rips or tears . These colors represent the uniforms worn by past Berry students. All residence hall buildings have window blinds. Will students at uber-Chritstian universities have this? *Please note that the policy pertains to the animal (fish) and not to the habitat/living environment in which they live (aquariums). And was to that if I wear modest clothing my tattoos should not be a problem. You arent allowed to have any music by a contemporary artist or anything with even the slightest beat. I imagine that most people know about the tendency of people who live in extremely sheltered and restrictive environments to go wild as soon as these restrictions are removed and they realise how much freedom they have, because they never learnt self-control. Additionally, Berry College is home to a vibrant student community that offers numerous opportunities for involvement in clubs, organizations, and athletics. A church I was told to attend? Berry College has a total enrollment of approximately 2,000 undergraduate students. Her brothers asked her how she could live with all the rules. The college actually will accept you no matter whatever religion you are, even if you are atheist. detroit homes for rent no credit check, hilton manchester room service menu,

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