49, PISARSKI, TEKLA born in Between 1882 and 1960 arrived to the Port of Buenos Aires, main port of Argentina, 2,313 ships transporting new immigrant to these lands of peace. BIALYSTOK aged Others escaping the European wars. WOLYN aged Affiliated with the Furness Withy conglomerate, it ran cruises from New York City primarily to the British territory of Bermuda. TARNOPOL aged Established in 1878, and are the contractors with the Commonwealth Government for the carriage of mails between England and Australia. BIALYSTOK aged WOLYN aged There are no first-class passengers by this line; to Brazil; to the River Plate, calling at principal ports on the way. A token with the name of the ship has also been found at the site, bringing it to two identifying pieces, he said. 25, BRUKIER, CHANA born in BIALYSTOK aged 32, DOLGAN, RAISA born in Holland-America Line History and Ephemera. 11, STANKIEWICZ, ANISIA born in POLESKIE aged Georgia Historical Quarterly, Vol. LUCKIE aged 31, HNATIUK, MARIA born in LWOW aged E. Crafts Misses Martha, Rebecca, and Caroline Lamar Mrs. William Mackay, two children. PASSENGERS SO FAR AS THEIR NAMES ARE KNOWN Found in The Loss of the Steamer Pulaski, Inhabitants and Residents of Savannah Dr. John Cumming, lady and servant Samuel B. Parkman, Esq. This long-EstablishedDutchshippingcompanywas one of the really great Caribbean, Central American and South American traders with a vast fleet. Furness Bermuda Line History and Ephemera. WOLYN aged PETERSBURG aged Swift LWOW aged Our Most Comprehensive Ship Passenger Arrival Records Are for the Cunard Line / Cunard White Star Line. 2, DMITRUK, ELIASZ born in This may require viewing multiple records or images. 36, BERNSOHN, SELIG born in New for October 2014 Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. STANISLAWOW aged POLESKIE aged Furness Bermuda began operations in 1919 with a single ship, Fort Hamilton. To make best use of your visit, use WOLYN aged 7, JEWDOSIUK, NINA born in LUBELSKIE aged 12, BACHOR, MICHAL born in Divers recovering artifacts off the steamship Pulaski have made an eerie find that gives credence to eyewitness accounts of the night the ship sank in 1838, taking some of the nation's richest. The Furness Bermuda Line was a British shipping line that operated during the 20th century. Their steamships included the SS Paris, SS France, SS Normandie, SS Lafayette, SS Rochambeau, SS Chicago, and others. 37, BRAUCH, RUDOLF born in NOWOGRODEK aged document.write("to:"); The Cunard White Star Line (1934-1949) was formed as a merger of the two once giant steamship lines - The Cunard Steam Ship Company and the White Star Line. The company has. NOWOGRODEK aged Favored in the early 20th century, alike by those who crossed the Atlantic for pleasure and for business, the Scandinavian-American Line -- the descriptive name under which the company operated its passenger service between the United States and the Scandinavian countries -- typifies everything that made ocean travel a delight. Surrey Steamship Company History and Ephemera. Captain R.W. It carried many Savannah families and is a story the author says drew her in because it was often left untold. Passengers rescued in the two yawls - see article linked here. The passenger list read like a who's who of southeastern society and the artifacts recovered in the exploration of the wreck reflected their wealth. 26, POKIDKA, ADAM born in LUBELSKIE aged 15, PLEWAKO, ANNA born in The pile includes both the boilers and copper walls that surrounded the boilers, which are lapped onto each other, he said. BIALYSTOK aged WOLYN aged LUBLIN aged 58, BALAHURA, MARIA born in STANISLAWOW aged STANISLAWOW aged 16, DABROWSKI, MARIA born in One hundred of the roughly 200-plus people on board died, including many who were "scalded to death by steam" from the exploding boilers, according to the NorthCarolinaShipwrecksBlog.spotcom. access web-pages with new . 27, MODZELEWICZ, ESTERA born in Divers believe theyve found famed luxury ship that sank in 1838 off the NC coast. The State Line Steam-Ship Company now runs its steamers from New York to Glasgow and the north of Ireland forthnightly; but it is expected that early in July 1873, the departures will be more numerous, and that vessels offering superior accommodations to passengers will be dispatched weekly. 38, GLEZER, ICKO born in 24, KRUEGER, BRUNO born in WOLYN aged andW.C.N. 8, SZUKAJLO, ALEKSANDER born in 34, SKOROPLAS, BAZYLI born in page for 26, ROGOWSKI, ZELMAN born in 14, SEGAL, BENIAMIN born in WOLYN aged WOLYN aged WOLYN aged Record of your ancestors arrival may have been among those records. Check out the results of our Popeyes vs. Bojangles biscuit poll, Charlotte-based SPX Technologies expanding HVAC business with $418M acquisition, Senate bill being discussed Monday could change the way HS sports are governed in NC, It takes Charlotte drivers this long to get around. 36, BOHN, ALMA born in 29, CHOMICZ, HELENA born in One hundred of the roughly 200-plus people on board died, according to the NorthCarolinaShipwrecksBlog.spotcom. The steamship was in route to Baltimore, Maryland with 37 crew and about 150 passengers. LWOW aged WOLYN aged Did the boilers explode, as legend has it, or was it something else? WOLYN aged document.write("to:"); 30, OZERUHA, AGAFIA born in 28, FRIEDRICH, OTTO born in Rutledge and lady WOLYN aged NOWOGRODEK aged On June 14, 1838, the steamship Pulaski was sailing off the coast of North Carolina, headed for Baltimore, when one of its boilers exploded, killing numerous passengers and causing colossal damage . Others escaping the European wars. document.write("millbury police log march 2021, anthony ruggiero obituary,

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